Bookkeeping is a drag. 

Don't let it suck your time and energy any longer. Get peace of mind, see a crystal clear picture of your finances, and pay yourself more. 

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Here’s a secret: I don’t actually care about numbers. Some people totally geek out about the numbers and budgets. And I do love those things, and am actually very particular about them. 


But what really brews my beans is seeing a small business thrive. This is why I’m a bookkeeper. Not because the books are important in and of themselves (don’t tell your accountant I said that)…but because they empower you to grow your dreams and profit.


How it works 

To partner with Tidy Books, we don't have to come to your office or studio. We don't even have to be in the same state. 

Core bookkeeping services include:

  • Inputting all income and expenses in your cloud-based software (Quickbooks)

  • Reconciling with your bank accounts

  • Getting everything ready for your accountant at tax-time

  • Yearly financial review

How to get started

1. Schedule a free consultation

1. Schedule a free consultation

2. Customize a plan

2. Customize a plan

3. Begin bookkeeping services

3. Begin bookkeeping services

Can you relate?

"I'm kind of embarrassed about my books. I feel like I should have it together by now."

"I wish I had a better grasp of how my business is really doing. I have an accountant who answers my questions, but I still feel like I'm winging it."

"My business has REALLY taken off. I'm focusing on my strengths and building my dream team."

"I get stressed and procrastinate when it's time to do my books. I'm done with DIY accounting."

Client love

Michelle Kaffko -  Organic Headshots LLC

Michelle Kaffko - Organic Headshots LLC

"I’m a pretty organized person and I thought I was doing okay with bookkeeping on my own.  But it was starting to take up a lot of time I could have been spending building my business.  Tidy Books put together a simple, precise process to tighten up my books, implement receipt tracking, and most importantly, pay myself!  

My new bookkeeping system is SO easy and quick.  All the bookkeeping is custom, based on each person’s needs, and they NAILED my business’s bookkeeping perfectly.  I definitely recommend Tidy Books no matter what size your business is."

Do you wonder if you're doing things right with your bookkeeping? Paying yourself is one piece of that puzzle. 

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